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Nikki and Paul “ended up having to deal with that while being together at all times.

They never did things for love anymore, it became a job for them to be together because it became all about work,” our source continued. It must have been incredibly stressful for them both.

The artist has more experience than most in the competition.

She's super cool, man, she's super smart, really cool girl. We've been hanging out, here and there, you know we're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far.": "I didn't want it to be sad at all.

Don’t forget that Nikki once told Hollywood shortly before their nuptials that every time they had dinner together, it felt like a date, and that he was a huge romantic. What about the reasons behind their decision to separate?

Our source who revealed the reasons behind their split also told us that Nikki and Paul “definitely took each other for granted and never fixed it while it was happening and that led to where they are now, separated.” So sad!

Thursdays are always so draining because it's sad to see people to go.

"For me, this whole thing was about having fun, getting up there and singing a bunch of covers, and just having fun with it," he adds.

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