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AC97 Tweak can be used to configure some special audio codec features which are not accessible through the common wave API.

configure equalizer settings configure record gain configure headphone driver record and replay a wave file enable loopback mode to test the audio signal path direct access to audio codec registers Known Issue: The Audio Driver mutes the Audio-Out path after each played sound.

NET Framework that is designed to run on Windows CE based mobile/embedded devices. NET Compact Framework uses some of the same class libraries as the full . NET Compact Framework Flash Installer is a file which installs the .

NET compact Framework 2.0.7045.0 (2.0 Service Pack 2) . NET compact Framework 3.9 ( this is only compatible with Windows Embedded Compact 2013 ) ...

Due to the XO's limited CPU, Flash Video will play at very low framerates. Running Flash in low-quality mode (detailed in the previous section) may improve Flash Video performance.

3D in Flash is achieved via software rendering and is not hardware accelerated.

The XO Browse Activity is loaded with Gnash, a Free and Open Source Software that was compatible with Flash 8.

A number of sites, however, require at least Adobe Flash version 9 and higher running the newer Actionscript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) and Actionscript 3.0 code.

Adobe Flash Player plays a larger variety of Flash media than Gnash, but has license restrictions that prevent easy distribution.

You may want to use that package that is already built and ready to be silently deployed to all your target machines if you don’t require further customizations (which means you can skip .

You can use that package as one of three free packages in an Enterprise mode trial.

Because of this, 3D in Flash is very CPU and memory-intensive, and the XO's limited 433MHz CPU and 256MB RAM may not be able to cope.

Visiting sites that use Flash 3D engines such as Papervision3D.org, the demo pages of Flash and Alternativa may freeze the browser *AND* the entire machine thus requiring a reboot.

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