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Measure the width of each of your cabinets and mark their positions across the horizontal guide lines. For all cabinets that have attachment rails, drill a pilot hole through the rail into the cabinet.When you are ready to install the cabinet, you will have the necessary screw holes visible inside the cabinet.Butt the next piece of molding against the first and press the mitered joints together firmly (Image 3).Secure this length of scribe molding using wood screws (Image 4). While you know that the material, finish, and design style of your kitchen cabinets will determine the overall look of your kitchen, it is also important to keep in mind that how your cabinets are made will determine the timeline of your kitchen remodeling project.Cabinets and countertops are heavy items, and you will need someone to help you lift them into position.Laying Out Cabinets Use a tape measure to mark a point 34-1/2" above the floor level, for the top of the base cabinets (Image 1).Position the handle against the door and secure the screw in place (Image 3).

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Once cabinets have been screwed in place, they are given their decorative finish.

Use this mark to draw a horizontal guide line across the wall to indicate the top level of the base cabinets (Image 2).

Mark a point 19-1/2" plus countertop height above this line, and draw a line to mark the bottom of the wall cabinets (Image 3).

You can paint almost any finish of kitchen cabinet, as well as tiles, but make sure you use the right paint and other materials — special primers will often be necessary.

If you decide to change doors or drawers, make sure that the new ones are compatible with your existing cabinets.

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