Tea party intimidating voters

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The Cochran campaign is the incumbent for five terms is reaching out to African-American voters to vote Republican. They are citing a Jim Crow-era law from 1942 that states, quote, “No person shall be eligible to participate in a primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in the primary in which he participates.” In other words, if you are voting Republican in the primary you better plan to vote Republican in the general.And now the Tea Party has dug up an old Jim Crow-era law using it to challenge black voters from actually voting Republican in the primary. Anyway, the Mc Daniel supporters are saying that any Democrat who votes for Cochran in the primary must, by law, intend to vote for the Republican in November. But the Tea Party effort has got Mississippi's attorney general on edge he fears racial profiling, he says, and intimidation tactics might be used to suppress the black vote.Joining us right now is Adam Brandon from Freedom Works, one of the Tea Party groups with poll watchers in Mississippi.And also, Kasie Hunt who is a reporter from NBC News whose with us from Mc Daniel headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.But regardless, it's pretty clear that the Cochran campaign’s mission over the last three weeks has been to expand the electorate.

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However Matthews went out of the way to characterize how the Tea Party is abusing this law as a way to stop Black Democrats from voting, stating that “Mississippi's attorney general” is on edge, and “fears racial profiling..intimidation tactics might be used to suppress the black vote.” [See video below.

And that's a much different tone from where they were when I was here three weeks ago. I shouldn't vote in the primary unless you plan to vote for the nominee. BRANDON: Well that’s why you have lawyers on the ground. BRANDON: Well, there is also this assumption -- MATTHEWS: You are not answering the question. How do you stop a person from voting in the primary against your candidate and then going ahead and voting for Childers in the general..

MATTHEWS: So what do you think of Cochran's last ditch effort to bring in black voters who are Democrats, 99% or 98% to vote in the primary. BRANDON: I mean, he hasn't talked to the community in 41 years. Our issue, the one that Freedom Works, that we looked into, if you voted in the Democratic primary, you are not allowed to come back and vote in the Republican primary. BRANDON: Well, for the most part, what our election observers are doing, they’re just watching. BRANDON: There is this assumption that the only Democrats in Mississippi are black. BRANDON: If it is legitimate vote, go ahead and cast it.

As reports have trickled in over the course of the day about turnout, there are signs that African-American turnout might be up and that could suggest that Senator Cochran might be in a better position than many people expected.

They’ve poured a million plus dollars into the ground game here over the course of the last three weeks.

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