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Lovelock lies in the Humboldt River Basin, very near the terminus of the river.

Some twenty miles outside the town is the Lovelock Native Cave, a horseshoe-shaped cave of about 35 ft width (11 m) and 150 ft length (46 m) where Northern Paiute natives anciently deposited a number of duck decoys and other artifacts.), all it land.

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Lovelock is the county seat of Pershing County, Nevada, United States, in which it is the only incorporated city.

Arriving there from California in 1866, the English settler George Lovelock (1824–1907) bought the squatters' right for 320 acres (129 ha) and got with it the oldest water rights on the Humboldt River.

Although born in Wales, Lovelock was from a family of Wiltshire origin that is known to family historians as the Lyneham Line.

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Males had a median income of ,658 versus ,371 for females. About 9.6% of families and 14.2% of the population were below the poverty line, including 18.9% of those under age 18 and 10.3% of those age 65 or over.According to an 1849 description of what were then called the Big Meadows, "This marsh for three miles is certainly the liveliest place that one could witness in a lifetime.There is some two hundred and fifty wagons here all the time.By 1900, the town of Lovelock had a school, churches and a business district along what was then called Railway Street—later renamed West Broadway.Also included among the businesses were no less than three weekly newspapers: The Lovelock Tribune, which ran from May 1898 until February 1912; the short-lived Lovelock Standard (April–September 1900); and The Argus (May 1900-Jan 1905).

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