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For instance there may be multiple types with the same name in different namespaces.

It is an error to use the --NSto Pkg switch and --package at the same time. This test case can stand on its own, but it doesn't really do anything except pass default values (null for objects, 0 or false for primitive types).

By default, WSDL2Java only generates code for those elements in the WSDL file that are referenced. We cannot simply say: start with the services, generate all bindings referenced by the service, generate all port Types referenced by the referenced bindings, etc.

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You need to perform three steps: If you have copied the and files and axis folder to your Web application, you can use (or whatever you have renamed it) to test the Axis engine.

Deploy your Web application in your favorite application server and access the above-mentioned test file.

WSDL2Java [options] WSDL-URI Options: -h, --help print this message and exit -v, --verbose print informational messages -n, --no Imports only generate code for the immediate WSDL document -O, --timeout timeout in seconds (default is 45, specify -1 to disable) -D, --Debug print debug information -W, --no Wrapped turn off support for "wrapped" document/literal -s, --server-side emit server-side bindings for web service -S, --skeleton Deploy add scope to deploy.xml: "Application", "Request", "Session" -t, --test Case emit junit testcase class for web service -a, --all generate code for all elements, even unreferenced ones -T, --type Mapping Version indicate 1.1 or 1.2. 1.2 indicates SOAP 1.1 encoded.) -F, --factory When it sees this, WSDL2Java will 'unwrap' the top level element, and treat each of the components of the element as arguments to the operation. NET web services, which wrap up RPC style arguments in this top level schema element.

But if a WSDL file contained types and a port Type, then that port Type will be generated and only those types that are referenced by that port Type.

Note that the anchor is searched for in the WSDL file appearing on the command line, not in imported WSDL files.

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