Is connor paolo dating anyone

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Especially considering that most of the cast have moved on since and probably wouldn't return for a reunion anyway.

At least the show tied up most of the loose ends during the series finale (see below), so we aren't left hanging, just wondering what happened with our favourite Upper East Siders.

Since his role in GG, Badgley has kept relatively quiet.

He starred in a 2012 biopic about the life of musician Jeff Buckley, which is an adaptation of the Australian series of the same name.

In addition to her acting roles, Lively ran her own home style website and e-zine called "Preserve"; the site closed down in mid-2015.

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After Gossip Girl, Westwick went on to star as Tybalt in a modern adaptation of Nate Archibald was definitely Gossip Girl's biggest piece of eye candy, but Chace Crawford's charisma made him more than just a pretty face.Follow Leighton: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube.Who would've guessed that Dan Humphrey (big spoiler coming...) was Gossip Girl all along?It actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's another article.Anyway, Penn Badgley played Dan Humphrey perfectly; can you really picture anyone else doing justice to the role of Lonely Boy?

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