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I was on the verge of buying this one this afternoon.

While I do like it,the first initial spray can be a tad confusing.

" (lol) However, Green Irish Tweed is truly deserving of this rating and it has earned high marks day after day, month after month, and year after year...thirty-two of them.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and GIT has spawned a number of knock-off (Cool Water, Aspen, Chez Bond, Raghba for Man, etc.) that all smell nice, but, ultimately fail to capture that certain GIT magic. What sets it apart is that it is, IMO, the best clone that captures more of the GIT experience than all others - at a small fraction of the price.

and that sweet smell smells of quality and its the small touch in my opinion that makes Green Irish Tweed worth the purchase over Cool Water. I love this fragrance but if it just a more classy distinguished cool water.But I feel that because my skin got really hot on my forearms, the scent smelled like nothing. One can become fully immersed in every aspect of the process of its effect.The SA was holding my arm telling me it smelt beautiful on my skin (she was really pushing me to buy it) and I told her I would between now and spring time. The two I have sampled, including Green Irish Tweed have proved an obvious and welcome departure from most modern manufactured scents.Stores still have the heat cranked even at this time of year...I get the lemon verbena absolutely, and I can definitely smell iris.

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