Excel shared worksheet updating

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In this case you should reboot before deleteing the temp files.

An easy way to access your temp directory is from the Windows Start button: Start-- For Windows ME/NT/2000 its probably a good idea to have an additional 32 or 64MB, and for Windows XP an additional 128MB.

Excel 2002 (Office XP) can make effective use of more RAM than previous versions.

Although it is often possible to improve Excel calculation time by a large factor, as you would expect, Excel always runs faster on a fast machine, so if you have a slow machine you should upgrade to a faster one.A workbook that has its structure protected with a password (Tools--Protect Workbook) will open and close much slower than one protected without a password.Excess used range can cause slow opening, especially if caused by hidden rows/columns with non-standard height/width.The original version of Excel 97 had a number of problems that could cause slow opening/lockup.Make sure your installed version is at the SR2 level (Help -- When Excel 2002 opens a workbook that was last saved by a previous version of Excel substantial extra work is done to calculate and error check the workbook.

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