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You've only ever seen him in his uniform or sweats, but you know he'd kill it in a suit. Your collegiate world is confettied with his celestial presence — no effort need be expended on your part.He frequently headlines the sports section of the university paper, all articles reading like fan fiction.He held the door open for you on move-in day, and this hallmate heartthrob hasn't left your mind since.We can all admit it's probably just the pure proximity of this guy, and subsequent frequency of your interactions, that make him a beckoning blip on your radar.Perhaps when your daughter suggests that you are judgmental and not inclined to trust her, you can respond by explaining to her that it is your job to keep her safe and that part of keeping her safe is to set limits and boundaries for her.While she may not be happy with this line of thinking she should nonetheless be aware of what you are thinking and what your role as the father of a teen entails.This summer, my 15-year-old daughter began hanging out (at camp) with some older girls (1-2 years older) we’ve never met.

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In concordance with Murphy's Law (which was not on your last physics exam), you only bump into him on days when you've overslept after pulling all-nighters, and your unmade tired face prompts him to ask if you're sick.

You took two team posters at homecoming so you could make a cut-out doll.

His mere presence makes you feel like you're in a movie and playing out the ultimate college dream.

He never speaks, but you know he's already mastered everything the professor is spilling out.

He sits there with a nonchalant cool as if he's already audited the class. You raise your hand just so he can hear your voice, and you hope he thinks your answers are brilliant.

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