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In the movie, she also participates in "The Scarn", a crazy dance involved in the film with the rest of the people in the scene. — which airs at a special time tonight, at 8 pm/ET — Jim seemed to be in harm's way, as Roy, finally clued into fiancée Pam's longings, declared Halpert "a dead man." Subsequent promos have suggested a follow-up more akin to a squad-room brawl than our usual fun-loving Dunder-Mifflin gang.In it she appeared as a girl at a bachlorette party and flirts with Michael in it.Karen is later interviewed about it and asks the cameras why they are singling her out.After their job interviews in New York, Jim leaves Karen in New York City and returns to Scranton to ask Pam out for dinner.

Plus, her take on spoof, and the NBC hitcom's parade of big-name directors.

Karen is a co-worker of Jim's at the Stamford branch.

Before Jim arrived, Karen was a likely candidate for the position of Assistant Regional Manager.

Then I would remember that I had a beehive and lots of makeup on.

TVGuide.com: Now tell me about the Fox pilot you just booked, . Jones: The Rules for Starting Over is a comedy about friends who are kind of on the other side of the fun dating game — they've been through divorces and failed relationships — and they're now asking, "How do you reinvent your love life when you feel like all the good parts of being in your twenties are over?

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