Did leona lewis dating simon cowell

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I’m very much the main focus, so not having all the pressure was quite nice.”She’s not ruling out leads in the future but much further down the line, when she’s paid her dues. “I don’t want it to be like, ‘Oh, she’s a musician and she’s a bit famous so that’s why she got the part.’ I have friends who are actors.

Movies are the logical next step, although she’s starting small, happy to be an ensemble player rather than the leading lady (that duty falls to Hannah Arterton, actress Gemma’s little sister, in a dynamic big-screen debut).The family home was in Islington, with Leona growing up with brothers Bradley and Kyle. “It definitely toughened me up but, being the only girl, I was also very spoiled so I think I got the best of both worlds.”A determined young woman, she quit her performing arts training at the age of 17 to pursue a career in music, working as a receptionist and waitress to pay for studio time.Getting a record contract was a struggle, so she decided to audition for the third series of The X Factor and floored the public and the judges, with Cowell raving about her world-class, superstar qualities.But then Mum and Dad are a great balance – my dad is a realist and my mum is a dreamer.They’re a great combination and I enjoyed growing up around that.” However much wealth she has accrued in her career so far (and it’s safe to assume that it’s around the six or seven million-pound mark), Leona has certainly done well for herself.

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