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We have in-app purchases in RCT Classic, but they are purely to purchase expansion packs for those who find that 95 parks just aren’t enough, or who want to get really creative and build their own park scenarios, experiment with ride designs and import/export parks.You have sort of taken a backseat to the RCT series development these days, with Atari leading the way.Do you ever see yourself getting more hands-on again?I took a backseat from RCT3 onwards because I felt I was the wrong person to lead the games forward and take them in new directions.And the same applies now too – While I admire many features of the newer RCT games I don’t feel any inspiration to become involved in their development.The newest game, RCT World, has had a mixed reaction--have you played it?It’s been an ambition of mine for many years but it was only recently that everything finally came together to make a mobile/touch-screen version of the original game feasible.

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I think the thing that strikes me most about the game is how big its ambitions are, and from a programmer's perspective I appreciate how challenging it is to achieve those ambitions and it's heartening to see that every update is bringing the game closer to what it should be.The release of Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic was a surprise to some.Can you talk about the reasons behind making the game and releasing it now?We recently had the opportunity to speak with the veteran designer about the impetus for releasing the game, what went into it from a technical perspective, and whether or not it will get any further updates or expansions in the future.He also told us about why the game has no microtransactions.

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