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The premium cable channel will debut the first regular television episode of the David Lynch series in 25 years on May 21 with a two-hour debut.The 18-episode series brings back many of the original cast from the 1990 series including Kyle Mac Lachlan as Dale Cooper, Madchen Amick as Shelley Johnson and Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs.Twin Peaks" co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost wrote all the episodes of the revival series and direct the series.Seyfired who is engaged to actor Thomas Sadoski whom she met while working together in the off-Broadway show “The Way We Get By” last year, announced she is pregnant in November.The original show, with its strange mix of characters and captivating marketing campaign that asked potential viewers “Who killed Laura Palmer?” was an early sensation in 1990 when it debuted on ABC.However, network interference reportedly rushed the main storyline, essentially killing a lot of that early interest by answering too many questions too early.

The highly anticipated remake of the David Lynch cult series will premiere at 9 p.m. The 18-hour limited series will debut with a two-hour premiere.

When Showtime originally announced the third season on Oct. ) channel execs indicated the season would run nine episodes.

Showtime subscribers with access to the Internet will be able to watch the first four hours of the season on that date.

What exactly can viewers expect from the new season?

Although the show’s creators have been characteristically evasive — David Lynch is helming the project, after all — they have let a few things slip. was one of the earliest example of auteur-driven television, and much of its iconic style came from the two men in charge: writer Mark Frost and director David Lynch, who are spearheading the revival.

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