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A trail of bloodspots, next to a disused quayside shed, ended abruptly at the water’s edge ‘ and DS Don Taylor; who was leading the inquiry told newspaper reporters: "We think some harm may have befallen him.We have not ruled out foul play" The following day Yendell’s body was discovered without a shirt, by frogmen using touch alone — was recovered from the water An inquest deemed that he had died of strangulation and head injuries, which included a fractured skull.The South African-born man finished work at Temple Meads at about this time and normally went straight home to see her and their two-year-old daughter Alexandra. Then a bloodstained Lancia, later identified as belonging to Yendell, was spotted by a security man parked at a strange angle near the docks.

Now the yuppies can enjoy spending their fantasy money, earned in non-jobs, by showing themselves on their boats and sitting in the latest restaurant …before returning to the office on Monday to pull off the greatest ever export deal in chocolate-coated potato crisps to the Peruvians.

People living on nearby houseboats seemed unable to offer any assistance.

The British Rail steward’s 32-year-old wife, Susan, had reported him missing some time after 9.30 the previous evening.

But she also told him that they had split up several times and that at one point she had worked as a barmaid and lived with another man, Edward Witt, at the Smugglers public house in Bournemouth.

Mrs Yendell had, apparently only just returned to her husband after they had been separated for about a year.

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