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He was twice charged with 30 counts each of illegal practices while acting as CEO for Health South.

His crimes include authorizing the termination of whistleblowers, bribery, fraudulent accounting practices, extortion, money laundering, and mail fraud among others.

Leaders of businesses large and small have committed acts that can be considered evil time and time again, but only a handful of them have gained the notoriety their crimes deserve.

Evil acts from businessmen can range from directly taking a life, sanctioning evil practices that lead to loss of life, or even deceiving employees and the public while defrauding a company of millions of dollars.

Although he managed to avoid jail in 2003 on the first 30 counts, he was later convicted on 30 different charges in 2007 and sentenced to six years and 10 months in prison. While serving as the CEO of Qwest, Joe Nacchio exhibited a penchant for fabricating the truth to his benefit, and his alone.

Nacchio’s lies included inflated revenue claims and false reports of nonexistent upcoming government contracts.

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Nacchio was slapped with a million fine, ordered to forfeit million made from illegal trading, and sentenced to six years in prison.25; FOX News program on Madoff on the day he pleaded guilty. Hart spoke on private claims under international antitrust laws at the Research in Law and Economics Conference also cited in the 2014 "Research in Law and Economics" Volume 26 "The Law and Economics of Class Actions". Hart moderated a special section of the Fiduciary Responsibility Summit called “The Impact of Stepped-Up Government Regulation on Fiduciary Responsibilities. Hart spoke at the American Constitution Society’s 2011 National Convention on the Supreme Court's Twombly and Iqbal decisions and on antitrust developments in an ABA Antitrust Forum questioning "Is the Robinson-Patman Act the right Rx for Pharmaceutical Industry.” She has appeared before the Council of Institutional Investors, The Federalist Society, the New York State Bar Association, the Institute for Law and Economic Policy, the Public Funds Forum and the Practicing Law Institute. Whether you're an employer looking for your next great hire, or a job seeker looking for your next great opportunity, the NYSSCPA Career Center is here to assist you.His excesses included ,000 shower curtains, lavish parties on the company dime (one pictured above), and false bonuses he claimed were given at the direction of the Board of Directors.Kozlowski is serving a term of no less than eight years, with a maximum of 25, in prison. Richard Scrushy’s evil practices while in charge of Health South are almost too numerous to list.

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