Alex rodriguez dating now

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Wojcicki is the cofounder of medical research firm 23and Me and used to work as a health care consultant at the West Coast-based company Passport Capital.

Namely, the company faced concerns from the FDA over the possibility of her company, which provides data on a person's ancestry, inaccurately predicting a person's chances of contracting a potential health issue.

TMZ on Monday said it has published the first photo of Rodriguez and Wojcicki out in public together.

It shows the two of them at a late lunch Sunday at Green Lemon, a Mexican restaurant in Tampa, Fla., near where the Yankees hold spring training.

According to Page Six, sparks first started flying between the two when A-Rod came out to support Wojcicki during her speech at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Tampa last month.

Prior to that event, they posed together at Vanity Fair’s pre-Super Bowl party in San Francisco on February 6.

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