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But they are now residing in Whitmire, South Carolina, about 30 miles southeast of Chester.

In 1923, William and Essie had their first and only child, Novilla; but according to Novilla’s daughter, William left the home a few months before Novilla was born, and the couple divorced soon after. Davis was the daughter of the late William Crocker and Essie Smith Crocker.’ NN: That is really odd. She told me that her mother often talked about the fact that her mother’s parents, William and Essie, had divorced when she was very young, that her father remarried, that his nickname was Buck, and that he and his second wife did not have any children.

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Indeed, William was still living, probably in Whitmire, although I could not find him in the 1930 census. His wife Mary, called Odell or Dell by friends, died December 2, 1991, at the age of 84. He and Essie married in 1920 and got divorced, probably before 1930, before you were born. Essie is listed as a widow, but it was common in those days for a divorced woman to tell the census taker that she was a widow instead. JM: So it looks like he has to be the same William Buck Crocker who was your uncle. But later, he got saved and became an itinerant preacher. Fred looks friendly and composed, and he is nicely dressed. He was married to my grandmother, Essie Crocker, who was seven months pregnant with my mother when he took off.” -Judy Marshall, granddaughter of William Crocker “He (William Crocker) often told the story that when he was young, he was drinking, got a gun, went into the mills, and shot up the looms. The first thing that strikes me about this photograph is how differently these boys present themselves.She was a beautiful and loving person.” “We called them Uncle Buck and Aunt Dell. When Buck was a preacher, he had a car with a speaker on top of it, and he went around and held revivals in the area. He couldn’t read, but his wife read scripture.” -Charlotte Hobbs, wife of the minister of William Crocker’s church ************************** Fred Crocker Fred Mathews Crocker, the well dressed brother of William, was born on July 5, 1896.

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