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From time to time, you’re going to come across what we call “overlay icons” on these thumbnails.These icons let you know relevant info about your photos at a glance.If you’ve been cruising around ACDSee/ACDSee Pro, you’ve definitely come in contact with the File List pane.You know, that place in the middle of Manage mode with all of the thumbnails of the images in the folder you’re currently viewing?If you’ve got some kind of beef with the overlay icons, — maybe overlay icons insulted your mother, — you don’t have to look at them.You can decide if you want them visible, visible in color, or if you just want specific ones in color.

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The photo manager is available as a consumer version, and a pro version which provides additional features, ACDSee was first released in 1994 as a 16-bit application for Windows 3.1. Development of this line continues, with version 20.0 released in 2016.At the top of the File List pane, click View | Toggle Overlay Mode to control the visibility and color.Toggle through the available modes with this ] key.Navigating the Complex World of Overlay Icons: Ok, it’s not actually complicated at all. Some icons are just to let you know stuff, whereas others are interactive.So, let’s break it down: If you see an adorable blue hamburger icon on your thumbnail, that’s the Embed Pending icon. To get rid of that icon, you can either embed the metadata, (write the metadata to the file), or clear the icon.

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