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Try and find our Manifesta 11 art mediators Astrid Näff, Lilian Straub, Renate Schaer, Valerie Thurner and Karen Geyer who will pop up throughout the evening to introduce the artworks of Teresa Margolles, Franz Erhard Walther, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Mike Bouchet and 'the Break Hour' (Historical Exhibition).

Manifesta 11 curatorial sounding board members Adrian Notz (Director of Cabaret Voltaire) and Juri Steiner (Director and Curator of Dada 100) will introduce visitors to an artwork of their choice, in the form of … Manifesta 11 artist John Arnold researched key state banquets and other events of historical and diplomatic importance that took place in Switzerland, reinterpreting dishes from their original menus.

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The 'Imbissadors' and their regular clientele are brought together with embassy representatives, other politicians and anyone willing to take a bite, resulting in alternative forms of diplomacy and reconsiderations of history.

It’s midnight in Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, but I’m in a taxi hunting for prostitutes.

The first thing I see that tells me I’m close is the neon—red, green, blue—that illuminates each stall of the long parking garage on my left. ” I ask the one with the honeycomb-streaked peroxide job.

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For Manifesta night, Vittucci will perform in a supposedly private scenario but for a broader audience.

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