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While no laboratory test can confirm fibromyalgia, most patients present with a history of widespread pain, physical findings and comorbid conditions.

With experience, the disorder may be diagnosed with confidence on initial presentation or after a period of observation and minimal diagnostic testing.

Although the etiology remains unclear, characteristic alterations in the pattern of sleep and changes in neuroendocrine transmitters such as serotonin, substance P, growth hormone and cortisol suggest that dysregulation of the autonomic and neuroendocrine system appears to be the basis of the syndrome.

Related Editorial Fibromyalgia is an extremely common chronic condition that can be challenging to manage.

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For example, release of growth hormone occurs primarily during stage 3 and stage 4 of non-REM sleep.

Criteria for classification of fibromyalgia: pain on palpation with a 4-kg force (Pain at 11 of 18 sites is necessary to meet the criteria.).

Adapted with permission from Wolfe F, Smythe HA, Yunas MB, Bennett RM, Bombardier C, Goldenberg DL, et al.

Examination will reveal areas of pain on palpation but without the classic inflammatory signs of redness, swelling and heat in the joints and soft tissue.

Although tender points are found in many different locations, the ACR has selected 18 sites that are more characteristic for fibromyalgia View/Print Figure FIGURE 1.

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